We currently offer the following services for eligible adults with developmental disabilities:

  • Supported Living Services
  • Community Guide Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Living Services. Providing support and resources enabling people with disabilities to live in their own homes or apartments in the local community of their choice. Each person receives individualized services tailored to meet his or her specific needs and desires. As a result, each living situation is unique and is based on what the individual desires and requires. TLC’s involvement with each person has a specialized focus and may include assistance with household management, financial management, access to healthcare professionals and other community organizations and strengthening, building and maintaining relationships with friends and other significant people in a person’s life. Over the years TLC has found creative options for the people it serves and it has helped them experience a variety of living situations. These options include living alone, living with a non-disabled housemate or living with a friend or with family.  Community based alternatives to overnight support, as may be needed, have been established whenever possible. Supporting individuals in this way has created high quality living situations for the people for whom TLC organizes supports. In many instances people have established themselves in their local community and some have purchased their own homes.
  • Community Guide Services. Individuals living in the area who are not receiving TLC supported living services may be eligible for this service, which provides guidance and support to assist with connecting with a community group or organization with shared common interests, sign up for other available services, learn how to access transportation options, or any other community activity the person wishes to explore. By using resources in the community, people are able to meet neighbors and other community members who share their same interest. This philosophy and approach supports and encourages natural relationships to develop and strengthens the fabric of the overall community. The intention of Community Guides is to listen to the individual, be responsive, creative and resourceful and work with the person to expand possibilities and connect with resources that create opportunities. Community Guides also support individuals and their families with logistical issues such as advocacy, applications for service and resource planning. 
  • Supported Employment. The option of securing viable employment is a fundamental right of all people supported by organization and TLC is a strong advocate for the realization of that right. Some individuals have traditionally been un-served or under-served in their pursuit of employment options. TLC has created a partnership with King County to provide resources for people to obtain employment in their communities. This partnership provides planning, development, exploration, placement and ongoing supports, based on the person’s interests, talents and abilities.