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Our application packet consists of the application, an authorization to release information, and the state background check form.
In addition, a voluntary self-identification form is attached, if you should choose to submit that information along with your application packet. (Not required for consideration).

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Overview of Position:

  • Direct Support Professionals type I (DSP I's) are directly supervised by a Support Team Coordinator.
  • The DSP I’s role is to function as a team member providing instruction and support to people with disabilities who are receiving services from TLC.
  • DSP I’s are expected to know and understand TLC's Policies, Mission, and the Residential Service Guidelines and how to incorporate the principles they represent into daily support for people with disabilities.
  • DSP I’s are responsible for supporting individuals to participate in the full range of activities that make up their life in the community, including those activities both at home and in their neighborhoods and communities necessary to establish a lifestyle in accordance with the person supported’s objectives.


Specific Job Duties:

Providing Supports to People
    • The primary duty of the DSP I is to offer needed instruction and assistance desired by each individual supported by TLC to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in their Individual Support Plan. This includes arranging for or providing assistance for people to participate in and complete all functional activities of daily living. DSP I’s do not do activities for people supported, they provide cues, prompts and arrange for prosthetic and other devices to allow people the dignity of completing activities without the need for direct personal assistance.
    • Assist people, on a day-to-day basis, to engage in activities of their choice. DSP I’s are crucial to the process of supporting people to identify their range of choices, the expected consequences of those choices and the variety of methods for personally implementing their choices. With support from DSP I’s people may choose; (1) to receive instruction in how to implement their choices, for example, learning to use certain home appliances or registering for instructional classes at a community college; (2)designing or purchasing adaptive equipment to support the person’s participation in daily activities, for example using in-home personal lift systems; or (3) purchasing the needed service from a community vendor, for example by contracting for housekeeping services or other personal services.
    • Provide instruction and support with day-to-day living in the areas and methods identified in the person’s Individual Support Plan. Supports provided will respect the dignity of the people supported by affording people the opportunity to at least partially participate in all functional activities associated with one’s home and community life. In short DSP I’s should support people to participate in all of their activities as opposed to performing those activities on the person’s behalf. At times this may mean some activities will require more time to complete. If an individual’s time is becoming consumed with completing routine, daily, functional the DSP I should seek advice and support from her/his team to identify alternate means a person supported may employ to complete those routine, daily, functional activities.
    • Provide assistance to arrange transportation for day-to-day living, strongly encouraging the use of public transportation.
    • Maintain the dignity of the people supported by TLC in discovering and implementing support methods that allow for the fullest participation by the people receiving support from TLC. DSP I’s may not simply complete activities for people; they must participate in the development and implementation of methods that support competence on the part of people supported.
    • Use informal and formal teaching methods to provide instruction to people supported by TLC to increase their competence, self-reliance and ability to make informed choices.
    • Provide supports in such a manner as to increase the self-esteem of the people supported by TLC.
    • Assist, as needed, in the development of positive behavior support plans.
    • Implement, as written, positive behavior support plans.
    • Participate in regularly scheduled reviews to evaluate the quality of supports provided and redesign plans as needed.
    • Provide support to people that is appropriate to their needs during regularly scheduled work hours.
Insuring Documentation
  • Provide documentation, as determined by the Director of Supported Living and the Training Coordinator, on the scheduling and delivery of instruction and assistance in support of each person’s Individual Support Plan.
  • Provide documentation, as determined by the Director of Supported Livingand Training Coordinator, on the frequency with which people supported engage in socially integrated activities.
  • Complete all documentation as assigned by the Support Team Coordinator and/or Director of Supported Living. This includes: (1) keeping daily communication logs among other DSP I’s and Team Coordinators or team representative; (2) recording the results of medical treatments ordered by medical professionals; and (3) maintaining accurate and timely records of the individual’s taking all medications prescribed by medical professionals.
    Note: DSP I’s administer medications only if the individual receiving support is physically not capable of self-administration AND the DSP I had participated in all necessary training by a delegating nurse and documentation of such training is present in the DSP I’s personnel file.
Team Membership
  • “Own the problem” – whether it is an issue raised by a team member, someone supported, or a family member, DSP’s will respond by helping to problem solve and take steps to seek resolution.
  • Complete all documentation as required by TLC Personnel policies, including timecards, in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Communicate openly with team members – to help each employee succeed and ensure the best possible service, information regarding support provided and team performance, and ideas for improving both, must be expressed openly.
  • Attend and actively participate in team and individual house meetings. This includes participation in the creation and implementation of staff schedules designed to meet the daily support requirements of the people supported by TLC.
  • Attend other meetings, workshops and training sessions as required by the team or agency. This is a requirement for all staff unless waived by the Director of Supported Living.
  • Participate fully, positively, and productively in team meetings with the intent of achieving positive outcomes as a result of those meetings.
  • Be dependable and responsible for arriving on time for scheduled work time and remain with person supported by TLC until a replacement arrives.
  • Notify team manager, or team representative, as soon as possible, of illness or emergencies that necessitate missing a regularly scheduled work shift.
  • Follow Personnel policies on vacation, sick leave and holidays with respect to arranging for adequate coverage for the time off requested.
  • Provide backup coverage, when and where needed, for vacations, illness, or other emergencies.
Other Activities
  • Participate in an annual performance review.
  • Represent TLC in a positive manner. Be a positive role model for people we support in terms of respect to others and the environment, good mental and physical health and clean clothes and personal hygiene.
  • Perform such duties as assigned by Support Team Coordinator(s), team representative(s), Director of Supported Living or the Executive Director.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Exercise good judgment and common sense.
  • Able to communicate honestly and honor commitments.
  • Able to be flexible to meet the changing needs and desires of the people we support.
  • Respects team/organization function and process.
  • Demonstrated willingness to develop relationships with coworkers by acting in ways that promote mutual respect, trust, learning and acceptance.
  • Can demonstrate the ability, responsibility and emotional stability to support people to meet their needs.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of TLC’s Policies, Mission and the Residential Service Guidelines and an ability to incorporate those principles into the daily performance of job duties.
  • Establish proof of insurability, according to agency automobile insurance policy, have a current Washington State driver’s license and good driving record (this applies to driving staff only).
  • Have current certification in First Aid and CPR or secure within thirty (30) days from hire. Obtain other certifications as required.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to improve individual and team performance and processes.
  • Pass the state requirements for criminal background check.

Total Living Concept is always interested in talking to caring, dependable people who are interested in working as part of a team that provides individualized instruction and support to adults with developmental disabilities.


We offer full time and part time. Our Direct Support Professional positions and schedules are designed to meet the specific needs of the people we support, and include a variety of morning, afternoon, overnight, or weekend hours. It is not uncommon for schedules to periodically change in order to meet the needs of people we support.

We organize ourselves into work teams that support 5 people each. Each team consists of the direct support professionals and a team coordinator; staffing is almost always on a one-to-one basis with few exceptions.

We may also have available, at times, other positions, such as community coaches and management positions. Please check with our Human Resources Department to inquire about other openings.


Basic requirements for all positions include:

  • Age 18 or older
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • A valid Washington State driver's license with no pending risk of loss and a good driving record
  • Ability to successfully pass a Washington State and/or FBI criminal history background check (note: not all convictions are disqualifying)
  • Successful completion of the interview, selection, and probationary training process. Being hired for a regular position by TLC requires approval of the person receiving supports with whom you would work and successful completion of a 90 day probationary period.

About Us


We provide our employees with a variety of training courses, covering both initial and ongoing training requirements. We offer a competitive wage to all employees, and qualifying full time employees are offered a benefits package including a medical insurance package with only a small employee monthly contribution, voluntary dental insurance, and vacation and sick leave pay. A retirement plan is also available to qualified full-time employees.

To learn more about our approach and philosophy, please also take a minute to read our organizational mission statement.

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