An important part of living in any community is having a place to call HOME. The people that request our services have individual homes, condominiums or apartments located throughout south King County.

About half of the People We Support live with a Housemate from the community. The Housemate agrees to share the living space with the Person We Support according to an agreement that is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Often, this agreement includes free or reduced rent in exchange for the Housemate being home with the Person We Support at designated times throughout the week. These times are often while the Person We Support is sleeping and does not require any support services. The Housemate agrees to be available if an emergency should occur, and agrees to contact on-call TLC Employees that will respond at any time to help meet the needs of the Person We Support.

This agreement provides several advantages to traditional overnight staffing, and creates a more individualized space for the Person We Support and the Housemate to call HOME.

More Information

To find out more about this opportunity, review the Housemate FAQ's.