Supported Living

"We offer support and resources that enable individuals we serve to live in their own homes or apartments in the community. Each person receives individualized services tailored to meet their specific needs and desires. As a result, each living situation is unique and is based on what that individual requests".

Our involvement with each person is unique and is created based on individual needs and desires. In most cases, we offer one to one support staffing for each person. Our support may include assistance with household management, financial management, access to transportation options, support to maintain employment as available, and access to healthcare professionals and other community organizations.

Over the years, we have found creative options for people we serve to experience a variety of living situations. Some of those options include living alone, living with a non-disabled housemate or living with a friend or family member. Community based alternatives to overnight staff have been established whenever possible. Some examples include neighbors who are paid a modest stipend to be home overnight and be on call for people who live alone, housemates who provide overnight access to supports when needed, or people we support living with friends or family members who are available for overnight needs.

Supporting individuals in this manner has created a better living situation for most of the people we support. Many people we support have established themselves in the community and have lived in the same place for several years. A few people have even purchased their own homes.


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