Community Access

"Individuals who live in our community and are not currently receiving residential services may be eligible for our 'Community Guide' service. Our Community Guides provide guidance and support to assist individuals to connect with a community group, sign up for other available services, learn how to access transportation options, or any other activity the person wishes to explore."

By using resources in the community people are able to meet neighbors and other community members who share the same interest. This philosophy supports natural relationships to develop as well as strengthening the fabric of our communities.

TLC is committed to identifying community involvement for the people we support. 

Community Access provides one-one-one services for participants to be active in the community and build relationships with people based on interest.  Participant are supported by a TLC Community Access staff to explore their community based on their likes and skills to form friendships with people not served or employed by programs for people with developmental disabilities. 

In addition to exploring and supporting community connections, Community Guides supports individuals and families with logistical issues such as advocacy, applications for service and resource and Futures planning.

Community Guides is a free resource for adults with developmental disabilities in Seattle and South King County.

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South King County: Angela Zold
1132 W James Street
Kent, WA 98032
253.854.7663 extension 119